Friday, February 3, 2012



Is your Mac not as responsive as the day you bought it? Is it taking its sweet time to boot up or launch applications? If the answer is yes to either question then continue reading.
Here is one basic maintenance tip that can speed up your Mac. (Besides installing additional memory)

Every Mac comes equipped with a very useful application called Disk Utility. It has a ton of features but today we are only concerned with the First Aid function. The first aid function can verify the health of the Hard Drive and it can repair all disk permissions. The purpose of disk permissions is beyond the scope of this tip but once disk permissions are repaired your computer will be more efficient.

To launch Disk Utility open a new Finder window and select Go from the toolbar. Scroll down and select “Utilities” from the drop down menu.

Once Disk Utility has launched, highlight your Startup Volume in the left column. It is titled “Macintosh HD” by default. In the right-hand column select the “First Aid” tab near the top. Finally, click on the “Repair Disk Permission” button located in the bottom left of the window. It will take a few minutes to complete its task, but it will be worth the wait!

While you’re at it check the health of your Hard Drive by clicking on the “Verify Disk” button. If you receive a message stating ”The volume Macintosh HD appears to be OK” then quit Disk Utility and be on your way. If you receive a message in red then call me asap!

Salud to a faster computer! Until next week.

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