Thursday, February 16, 2012



Launching Apps from the dock using your mouse or trackpad is relatively fast, but what if the application is not in your dock? It takes more clicks and more time to navigate something that is in your applications folder. First you have to click on the Finder, then the applications folder, where you then have to scroll to find the desired app to double-click and wait for it to launch. For the casual user this method is great, but if you want to kick productivity into high gear then continue reading.

Quicksilver is by far the most used piece of software on any Mac I have ever owned. For me a Mac without Quicksilver installed is like having peanut butter and no jam. Or like going into an old fashioned gun duel without the spring-loaded pistol up your sleeve. Okay, the point is made, but in all sincerity Quicksilver will change how you navigate and use your computer. It will boost your productivity by quickly launching apps, switching between apps, opening folders, or finding anything on your computer that much faster.

Step 1:
Download and install Quicksilver. Download the software here by choosing your operating system.

Step 2:
Launch Quicksilver by holding down "Control" and tapping the space bar. (This is the default keyboard shortcut to launch the app, but it can be modified to your liking.)

Step 3:
Quickly type in the first few letters of an application to launch. Once the application's icon is displayed in the dialogue window hit enter to launch it. 

Example. If I wanted to launch iTunes I would type: "Control + Space Bar", type "itu", then click Enter. 

And thats it. Application is launched with just a few keystrokes. No more searching and clicking in the applications folder to launch an app.

Step 4:
Practice launching multiple apps. Go crazy! Launch Safari, iCal, Mail, and iPhoto. If you make a mistake while typing hit "Control + Space Bar" to discard what you typed and hit "Control + Space Bar" to try again. 

Step 5:
Quickly switch between apps by summoning Quicksilver and launching the app you want to switch to that is already open. This will not actually relaunch the app but switch over to it.

This sounds way more complicated written out, but I promise it's as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Once you install Quicksilver and launch a few apps you will get the hang of it right away. You'll be hooked and never leave home without it.

Salud to being productive! Until next time.